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November 7, 2009 Annual USDA/ARC (U.C. Davis) Pomegranate Tasting

October 25, 2009: Simcha Sunday, October 25, Veteran's Building, Santa Rosa, CA.

October 12, 2009: Petaluma Garden Club, October 12, 2009

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Pomegranate tastings and presentation of "Pomegranate Roads: A Soviet Botanist's Exile from Eden" by publisher Barbara Baer are available from late October through December. For more information and to schedule your event contact: barbara@floreantpress.com

Barbara Baer surrounded by pomegranates in her garden reads from her book
GRISHA The Scrivener. Short video by John Beck.
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"Today, more and more green thumbs are planting interesting pomegranate cultivars thanks to an exiled Soviet botanist who often risked his life to collect more than a thousand pomegranate genotypes, and who sent cuttings to the University of California at Davis before his collection was destroyed." Lou Bendrick, article in Grist, February 2010.

"Was Eve's Apple A Pomegranate?", article by Manny Frishberg, JTNews Correspondent, Dec 7, 2007.

"Allure of the Orbs", article by Meg McConahey published in the Press Democrat, Nov 24, 2007. "It represents passion and fertility and the coming of winter. And in ancient Persia it was regarded as "The Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil."

“The Fruit Gardener", national publication for all home gardeners and small producers. See Sept/Oct 2006 for special issue on pomegranates, including article by Barbara Baer.

Third Millennium Publishing, online books on growing pomegranates.

New and used Textbooks, Biblio has millions of college and high school textbooks at an average of 40% less than retail textbook prices.

Pomegranate juice extraction and other expertise related to the fruit.

Maureen Jennings; Editor and public relations expert.

Marilyn Cannon; Professor Emeritus, Biology Department, Sonoma State University and pomegranate photographer.

See Nov/Dec 2005 issue for Barbara Baer’s article on pomegranates.

Author of Places in Time: Reflections on a Journey, Floreant Press 2004.

Marylu Downing; cover artist for several Floreant Press books.

Celia Gilbert; award winning poet and artist whose work includes nature and portraits.

Daniela Naomi Molnar; artist and illustrator of scientific projects. Currently works for Scientific American in New York.

Anitra Redlefsen M.S.; teacher, artist and photographer with a passion for pomegranates.