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Beginning with the wildly successful 1996 anthology of Sonoma County women writers, Cartwheels on the Faultline, Floreant Press has continued publishing books about everything from tea to travel. Floreant adds its first international title Pomegranate Roads, by Dr. Gregory Levin in September 2006. See below for list of titles and to order.

Pomegranate Roads Pomegranate Roads
A Soviet Botanist's Exile From Eden

Dr. Gregory Levin; 2006
Gregory Levin has written a fascinating memoir of his life trekking across Central Asia and the Trans-Caucasus in search of rare and endangered wild pomegranates. His home was a remote Soviet station in the mountains that separate Turkmenistan from Iran. After the break-up of the Soviet Union, he found himself exiled from his own hidden Eden and his collection of 1,117 pomegranates. With photographs from the collection of Dr. Levin and others, the book illuminates the botany, history and myths that make the pomegranate the wonder fruit of our time.
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Places in Time Places in Time: Reflections on a Journey
Maxine Rose Schur; 2005
Maxine Rose Schur set out to see the world. With high spirits and little money, the author traveled not only far geographically, but emotionally, toward the hearts of others. She faced the violent grief of a Mexican sheriff, celebrated a wild elopement in Turkey and was initiated into a mysterious daily ritual with an Iranian forest ranger. Looking back, she tempers her youthful encounters with mid-life wisdom, capturing the spirit of all those she met, and evoking cherished places in time.
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Jasmine Nights
Jasmine Nights and Monkey Pluck:
Love, Discovery and Tea

Marylu Downing, Ellen Galford, Faith Morgan; 2002
A collection of vignettes and poems with lovely color photos on each page. The book is about love, discovery and tea including the work of many well-known Northern California writers.
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Horse Orchard The Horse Orchard
Poems by Fionna Perkins; 2000 (Out of print)
Fionna Perkins is truly a woman of the west. You can imagine her holding the reins seated in a buckboard or standing on the prow of a sailing ship. What Fionna does is speak plainly. Her short lines sound simple, conversational, because she has pared them down to say exactly what she means about women, men and nature.
If ever a man did as he promised,
To cherish the ground I walk on - our earth -
I'd never again stall his traffic and hear myself cursed.
I'd rather be home in my garden, pruning and pulling weeds.
— from Hard Times for Women
Saltwater Sweetwater Saltwater, Sweetwater:
Women Write from California's North Coast

Collected by Barbara L. Baer & Maureen Anne Jennings; 1998
We found the theme for Saltwater, Sweetwater, writing about our lives on California's North Coast, in the winter of 1997. Author Suzanne Lipsett had recently died and environmental activist Judi Bari was gravely ill. To honor them, we wrote about the places they loved, from what Suzanne called the Sonoma savannas, to the rugged beauty and ancient forests of the North Coast. Illustrated by North Coast artists and photographs.
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Cartwheels on the Faultline Cartwheels on the Faultline:
Works by Twenty-seven Sonoma County Women

Collected by Barbara L. Baer and Maureen Anne Jennings; 1996
(Out of print)

When asked by Barbara Baer if they were writing what they most wanted to write, the writers gathered at the table answered "No". Why? "Because editors' judgments and the shadows of rejection hang over us," they replied. What if we weren't going to be judged and rejected? "We would write with no apologies, no regrets," came the answer. Before the supper ended, our book was born. Illustrations and photographs by Sonoma County artists.